SNAKE OIL: How the Petroleum Industry’s Misleading Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future

by Jeff Berg

WHEN: Thursday, MARCH 21ST. 7 PM

WHERE: U of T Earth Sciences Bldg. Rm 1050, 33 Wilcocks Street

source: ecowatch

Oil, coal, and natural gas are finite and depleting, while burning them changes Earth’s climate and compromises our future. You might think that curtailing their use would be simple common sense.

Despite these realities there are major players in the energy debate that want to keep us burning more.

In the past five years this debate has reached a significant turning point with the development of hydrofracturing for oil and gas production. Is this the dawning of a new golden age of cheap energy—or the last gasp of a fuel industry in steep decline?

Richard Heinberg is one of the best analysts and writers on the triple threat that faces human civilization: Environmental degradation, climate change and resource depletion.

His books, ‘The Party’s Over’, ‘Powerdown’, ‘Peak Everything’, ‘Blackout’, ‘The Post Carbon Reader’, his award winning ‘Museletter’, as well as his work at the Post Carbon Institute represent the platinum standard in his field.

Post Carbon Toronto in support of Transition Toronto and Transition Guelph is thrilled to present such an accomplished and brilliant thinker. This is a night not to be missed.

Mr. Heinberg will not be paid but the participating groups are paying his expenses. To help us defray these costs there will be a charge of $8 for this talk. (a deal at twice the price:-) Payment at the door.

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